Hello Beautiful People,

My name is Kyndrial Magee, and I am the blogger of Fashionable Candy. I started Fashionable Candy in  my junior year of high school. During this time, I wasn’t exactly the most confident person out there. I was experiencing bullying, and my mental health was at it’s lowest I’ve ever been in my life. During that time, fashion was the only thing I can turn to that gave me complete happiness. After a day of shopping with my mom she gave me the idea to start a fashion blog, and thats what I did. Fast Forward to now, I am a college student studying fashion at FIDM Los Angeles in the Apparel Industry Management major. The fashion industry definitely is  a field I want to go into as a career. Fashion gave me a voice when I didn’t have one. I was able to express who I truly was, and with the help of blogging, and finding my voice even more, it helped boost my confidence, and now I am unstoppable. My goal is to make everyone feel comfortable to be themselves, and hope to set an example for more generations to come. I want this world to be more accepting of an individuals appearance, and to be filled with love. This place is your place to let out how you feel, and start a conversation. Lets be fashionable, loving, and lets have fun together. I really appreciate you guys for stopping by, and there is so much in store for Fashionable C.

Thanks so much!!!

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